Summerton Mill is a stop-frame children’s animation series that was first commissioned by the BBC in 2005 for their pre-school channel CBeebies, and has subsequently been shown in various languages to countries around the world.

Set in the secluded Summerton Valley, Summerton Mill comes to life when the waterwheel turns. The series features Dan and Fluffa, Dr and Mrs Naybhur who live up on the hill, Francoise the cow, Mousey-Tongue the cat, two “yellow-spinner” chickens and the “millfreaks”, tiny creatures which appear to resemble small, furry hedgehogs.

We set out to create a children’s series that was both gentle and imaginative, appealing to parents and children alike. Fans of the show have compared it to the best old classic children’s television such as Bagpuss and Camberwick Green, updated for today’s audience.

To date 26 episodes have been made, although the second series of 13 episodes has never been seen on UK television.

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Pete Bryden & Ed Cookson (Summerton Mill Creators)